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January 2019 Newsletter

By gulfsouthb32553561, Dec 21 2018 03:01PM

As this year comes to a close, we all tend to find ourselves striving to finish one last task (but if you are like me the one last thing turns into one more and then one more - and it never ends).

However, I am working on implementing a new system. Each day I email my business coach three things. I tell her what I am grateful for that day, what I accomplished, and what my top priorities are for the following day. This keeps me balanced and focused. I have to stop and reflect each day, instead of running through my day like a tornado, rushing home, cooking dinner, helping with homework, washing clothes, then falling into bed exhausted without a clue what I have actually accomplished that day, and wondering what was left undone for the next day.

This sounds simple - almost too simple to do. But I challenge you to make it a habit. Find someone to be accountable to, and send that email every day. It helps me in many ways, some I had not even expected. One afternoon as I was about to get on the internet and look something up (not work related I am sure), I thought to myself, “Oh no - I need to see if I have done everything I told Amy I would do today!”. I quickly went through my sent emails to see what I had committed myself to for the day, and realized I had not finished two of my top priorities. So I got right to work!

This tool is a godsend for those of us who may have a little bit of ADD somewhere inside. I can start a task, and easily wander from it to something urgent that pops up, but that may not truly be important. We often hear about judging between what is urgent and important. This tool helps decipher which task is moving us toward our desired end, and which is merely compelling us to immediate action, without real productivity. When I am setting priorities the night before I am not rushed or being pulled in multiple directions. I am simply looking at what is most important for me to accomplish the next day, and I move that direction.

I am certainly not where I need to be, but I am learning to look back at my day in reality. Sometimes we spend a whole day “feeling busy”, but we have not really done anything. So, I am learning to be grateful, count my wins, and prioritize for the next day.

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